iPhone | Apple Watch | Airpods Wireless Charger Stand

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15W Fast Charging 3 in 1 Wireless Charger

Wireless charging devices becomes common. Most people have wirelessly charged mobile phones, watches and Bluetooth headsets. These electronic products have their own wireless chargers, and their functions are relatively simple, which will cause the desktop untidy.

The WL-19 3 in 1 wireless charger developed by BWOO combines three charging functions into one, makes your desktop tidy, it supports three devices to charge at the same time, with four power outputs of 5 watts, 7.5 watts, 10 watts, and 15 watts. , suitable for iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods and other devices, equipped with a 3A Type-c charging cable

Smart Chip, Multiple Security Protection

In order to make users safer to use, this 3-in-1 wireless charger adopts the most advanced chip at present, and provides multiple safety protections during charging: overcurrent protection, overpower protection, overvoltage protection, recovery protection, overtemperature protection, short circuit Protection, input overvoltage protection, overdischarge protection, overcharge protection

15 Watt Dual Coil Design

The WL-19 wireless charger adopts high-quality PCB and electronic components, and the mobile phone charging area adopts a dual-coil design with a maximum power of 15 watts, which can ensure 100% current transmission to the mobile phone no matter whether the mobile phone is charged vertically or horizontally. And provide a safer and more reliable charging method.

3 Kinds Of Adjustable Lights

This multifunctional wireless charger is different from other products. It has the advantage of auxiliary lighting, and it is not as dazzling as daily lighting. Instead, there are 3 comfortable and soft lights, which can be adjusted at both ends of the light according to personal needs, creating a comfortable atmosphere for you at night.

Foldable Design Wireless Charger

The WL-19 wireless charger adopts a foldable design, and the angle can be adjusted according to personal needs. It is very convenient to use whether it is viewed in portrait or landscape. It can be used as a stand or flat for charging.

Easy to carry and store when folded.


  1. 5W/7.5W/10W/15W 3-in-1 Wireless Charger
  2. Compatible With Three Devices To Charge At The Same Time
  3. 15 Watt Dual Coil Design
  4. 3 Kinds Of Adjustable Lights
  5. Foldable Design

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