Special Base For Washing Machine & Refrigerators

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Adjustable Base For Washing Machine & Refrigerator With Wheel To Move.

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  • Stainless steel tubes keep good stability under the condition of the limit, and better corrosion resistance in a damp environment.
  • Universal & adjustable Heavy duty design fits all sizes of Top/Front loading washing machines & refrigerators of all leading brands.
  • Mainly used for the bottom of the refrigerator, washing machines and dry cleaning machines.
  • Anti-skid noise reduction pad, effectively reducing the washing machine vibration, even if the machine is working at night, it will not disturb your sleeping.
  • size and size adjustment design, can be more flexible handling all kinds of small and medium household appliances

Universal Height Adjustable Washing Machine Stainless Steel Base Rack Washer Mat Washer Base Refrigerator Base Stand

:: Description ::

– 4 lifting feet

– The Multi-functional Adjustable Base is a high performance products.

– You can put your dryer, washing machine and refrigerator on this Multi-functional base easily and safely.

– It is made from aviation aluminum alloy plus high strength plastic steel.

– It has a maximum weight limit of 450lbs and is easy to assemble.

– It use button-type lock,not need screw.

◆ Easily adjust the sturdy stainless steel bar to suit the larger furniture.

◆ 4 Feet adjustable to make large heavy objects easier to achieve equilibrium, Maintaining ventilation of the bottom, Anti-rust

◆ Effectively reduce the washing machine vibration and noise its maximum weight limit of 350lbs

◆ Ultra-strong rigidness, press resistance and anti-corrosion

:: Installation Notes ::

1. Dock 4 lifting feet (with the rod), and then the holes are flat on the floor

2. Put 4 ladders.

3. Lifting feet installed and then loaded 8 fixed plastic screws

4. The length of the product into the product and the need to place the same length and width of the product can be.


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